Who researches what

In the world of UX and UR, research can be crudely  categorised into –

  1. Formative – What’s useful
  2. Summative – What’s useable

The first helps to create the product by investigating its context, environment, user needs and constraints etc, and the second evaluates the performance of designs in meeting those requirements.
This article on Userfocus has more details about both.

This Venn diagram below illustrates the research methodologies most often practised by different disciplines.  Involving and collaborating with other disciplines and members of the team over research helps to –

  • Stretch resources
  • Give a comprehensive view
  • Improve the chances of findings being acted upon
  • Give everyone a user centred perspective
A Venn diagram of research activities and outputs typically undertaken by marketing, UR and academics

Useful Reference:

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