Our GP Patient Survey allows practices to quickly and cost-effectively gather feedback from their patients. Surveys are compiled using questions from the annual patient survey run by Ipsos Mori, AND practices' own questions. e.g. to investigate, a particular aspect of their service, social distancing measures or remote appointments. Because surveys can be run for months at a time with ongoing reporting, practices can evaluate and evidence the effectiveness of changes made in-between the annual, national survey.

Surveys are anonymous and can be completed online with a computer or smart phone and we can also send printed copies and return envelopes for completion in the surgery or at home. We process both printed and digital returns for inclusive, independent results and timely reporting.

Once configured, you specify when your survey opens and closes. Our platform gives real time reporting of results with graphs that illustrate patients' feedback.

Select the questions you're interested in

Create your survey from some or all of the questions on the 2019 GP patient survey and additional ones to gather further information about areas of particular interest to you.

Choose what you need

Customise the service: online survey, online + paper, how long it's to run for, frequency of reports etc.

Go live

Receive a URL customised with your surgery name to give to patients. We can also supply paper copies and return envelopes.

Data Collection

The survey is anonymous and we store and process data to provide you with regular statistics and graphical reports, for the duration of the survey e.g. 8 x monthly reports.