analysing and communicating usability issues

Tips for usability testing and recording results

Reviewing and recording results takes headphones and about as many hours as was spent testing.
Image of a group of research participants evaluating a webpage

Turning opinions into results

Previous posts in this category describe how Neilsen's popular methodology of Discount Usability Testing can identity around 80% of a site's usability issues. It's quite "doable", typically taking a day, with 5 people coming in for…

Preparing for 5

Understanding usability testing 101, describes how "discount testing" with 5 people and no lab goes a long way toward identifying usability issues. The practical benefits are: - 5, 1 hour sessions constitute a good day's work Its…

Undertaking usability testing – a simple methodology

In the late 90s Jakob Nielsen and Tom Landauer established 80% of usability issues could be identified by 5 users. So a day of usability testing, 5x1 hour sessions, has the potential to dramatically improve a site's usability, and so it's…